Crowdfunder FAQs

Please find commonly asked questions below concerning our Crowdfund :

When will the taproom open?

We’re planning to open October 2024 which gives us about 3 months to do all the fit out. We’ll update everyone with a launch date once we’re sure we can do it.

What if I bought a launch event ticket but can’t make it?

We understand not having a set date makes this tricky to plan for, but we will give advance notice when we have a date. If you’ve bought a ticket but can’t go, you can use the money spent on a ticket as bar spend instead. (We can also transfer the full amount to online store credit too if preferred).

When does the Team Raptor Membership start?

Discounts are to be used in the new taproom when that opens, and we’ve recently decided to honour online discounts from now. We’ve also changed the start date of when your membership officially starts from date of purchase to the date the taproom launches. But you’ll be able to use discounts online from the date of purchase (excluding other Crowdfunder perks).

If we don’t get the new taproom open by the end of October 2024, we will honour Team Raptor member discounts at our current Sneinton Market Taproom from 1st of November 2024.

Do you get a physical card when you become a Team Raptor Member?

No, we want to make sure Team Raptor Members get their discounts without having to carry something with them.

We gave it some thought and we didn’t want people to have to carry around single-use plastic to prove they’re a member so we’re planning to have a digital card for when the new taproom opens. Failing that we will have your name and details on file so you can enjoy your discounts by just telling our bar staff a few details if needed.

How do Team Raptor Membership online discounts work?

You’ll be given a fairly generic discount code specific to your discount level which you’ll need to add in the promo section when placing an order. This discount code will only work if your Team Raptor Membership email address is used. This means if non members try use that discount code with their email address it won’t reward them with this discount you’ve earned by pledging.

If we find a way of doing this automatically through Shopify we will make that happen. Also if you forget to put the discount code in and let us know we will refund you the difference.

Can I purchase more than one Crowdfunder perk at once?

Of course. We wanted to offer perks in a variety of ways so you can pick exactly what you want.

When will the Crowdfunder end?

Aiming for mid-August, some of the perks we may keep open a little longer.

What will the new taproom look like?

Keep an eye out on our socials for updates or sign up to our mailer here.